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Velký Beranov


The municipality of Velký Beranov is located approximately 6 kilometers south of the district town Jihlava.

The village’s original name was Beranov and its founding dates back to before 1221.

Beranov was an agricultural centre in the past. A brewery, which produced 168 kegs of beer in 1671, was in operation here. There was also a manorial tannery and a distillery, which was closed in 1880. In 1830, a wool spinning mill was built at the manorial mill, which also comprised an oil press. A draper factory enlarged the mill in 1855. There was an operating paper mill in Bradlo in 1570, but it ceased to exist during the Thirty Years’ War.

The owner of the Beranov farm, Eustach Karsten from Herk, had the Chapel of St. Anne built in 1630, which is an interesting sight of interest today.

There is a spacious community centre with a restaurant, a dance hall and other facilities in the village. Football field, foot tennis, volleyball and tennis courts can be used for recreation. There are cycle ways and tourist trails near the village.