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Trip to the ruins of an old castle or Meet the ghosts

It's a trip to the ruins of the Gothic castle of Rokštejn from the 13th century.


Take a train to the station of Luka nad Jihlavou. Then walk to Bítovčice village and further to Přímělkov village. Here the path turns towards the Rokštejn castle with a relatively high ascent.

The reward for the effort is a beautiful view and the unique ruins of the castle. From Rokštejn, the way leads to the villages of Panská Lhota and Dolní Smrčné. For the way back you can use the railway or ride a bike. The length of the trip depends on the selected starting point. The combination with the train is convenient for families with children. On your way you can refresh yourself at several places.

Another option is to extend the trip from Panská Lhota to Brtnice town, where you can see a Renaissance castle, a castle park, a baroque bridge and the native home of the famous architect Josef Hoffmann.