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The municipality of Petrovice is located approx. 8 kilometres west of Třebíč town. Geographically and touristically, it belongs to the greater area of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

Petrovice lies at the average altitude of 438 metres. The first record about the village can be found in historical documents from 1224. The inhabitants were occupied mainly with agriculture. In the late 19th century, almost a third of them immigrated to America. In 1831, a mine named Antonín (Anthony) was founded by the road from Petrovice to Okříšky. The mine was closed in 1879.

Out of three mills located near the village, only the so called Red Mill (Červený mlýn) on the Jihlava River has been preserved. The cycle way passes the mill and so does a hiking trail. When entering the village’s inhabited part from Přibyslavice village, approx. after 100 metres, there is a chapel built in 1838. In the village they have a sports area. At present, it also serves as a training field for volunteer firemen and fire fighting competitions take place here. The local volunteer fire brigade collects awards from many national competitions. There is a playground for children between 3 and 12 years of age. The place in a pleasant environment is suitable for relaxation. The nearest railway station is in Okříšky.