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The municipality of Mastník is located 5 kilometres southwest of Třebíč town at the altitude of 508 metres. Geographically and touristically, the village belongs to the great area of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

The first record about the village was found in historical documents from 1406. Near the village, graphite was mined at the spot height of 551 metres in the 19th century. The mining was closed in 1914. Graphite is a mineral sort consisting of pure carbon similar to the other and very different form of natural carbon – diamond. It is a dark, sort of oily (mastný – Mastník) matter, sometimes in whole bits with oily metallic gloss.

Mastník is the birth place of well-known personalities: physician Prof. Jan Zahradníček, MD – an outstanding orthopaedist and children‘s surgeon, priest Jan Dokulil – poet and translator and Jan Zahradníček – poet, writer and translator, one of the most important Czech poets of the 20th century and the prime representative of Czech catholic poetry.

Approx. 1 kilometre east of the village, Kaní Mountain (Buzzard Mountain, altitude of 570 metres) is located. By the road to Stařeč village you can see a propitiatory stone from 1797. For free time activities, a playing field can be used. The municipality is crossed by hiking trails and cycle ways.