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Malý Beranov

The municipality of Malý Beranov is located approximately 4 kilometres south of Jihlava. The village lies at an average elevation of 482 metres. It was first mentioned in historical sources from 1760. The name was invented in the first half of the 19th century during the division of the land registry of Beranov. The pathway in the valley along the river became a shortcut to the newly founded city of Jihlava. There used to be two fords in Beranov in the past. One was located by the path from Luka pod Skálou (Meadows under the Rock) near Kamenný mlýn (Stone Mill).

The other ford was situated at the place of today’s village square. The pathway from it led up to a rock above the Adit of Saint George, then to Dlouhá stěna (Long Wall) and Brtnická brána (Gate of Brtnice). A stone bridge was later (1554-56) built at the ford’s place.

The name Beranov had also been mentioned in the accounts of silver-mining since the 16th century. There was, for instance the Shaft of Saint Prosperus, which reached 73 metres of vertical depth at the end of 16th century, and Vůle Boží (God’s Will), approximately 57 metres of depth.

Beranov’s shaft, christened as Shaft of St. George, was driven on the right bank of Jihlava River in 1603-1621 and reached a length of approx. 750 metres. The goal was to drain the mines.

Among the historic sights and tourist attractions, the old baroque bridge, the modern church from 1939 and the Stones of Beranov can be mentioned. The rocks tower further down the river and are plentifully visited by mountain climbers. Cycle ways, tourist trails and the railway pass through the village. There is also a train station.