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The municipality of Lomy is located approx. 5 kilometres away from Jemnice town, 16 kilometres west of Moravské Budějovice town and approx. 17 km distant from the Austrian border. Geographically and touristically, it belongs to the greater area of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Lomy lies at the altitude of 545 metres. The first record about the village can be found in historical documents from 1373. The name is derived from the place where stone is quarried (lom = the quarry). The inhabitants were occupied with agriculture and handcrafts. The village houses were low, with small windows, built mostly from stone or unfired bricks and covered with thatches. The Lomy Mill (Lomský mlýn) on the Želetavka River is part of the village. The municipal seal has a picture of ploughshare and three trees in the middle.

For free time activities, you can use a swimming pool, a sports field and the community centre.

The village is crossed by hiking trails and cycle ways. Nearby towards Borová village, an observation tower can be visited. The nearest railway station is in Jemnice.