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The municipality of Lesůňky is located on the right bank of the Rokytná River approx. 13 kilometres south of Třebíč town. Geographically and touristically, it belongs to the greater area of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands with the average altitude of 440 metres. The name is a diminutive of the name “Lesonice”, a village of people whose lord’s name is Lesoň. The first record about the village originates from 1387. The village houses were low and had small windows. They were built from stone or unfired bricks. The roofs were covered with thatches. In the middle of the village stands the Chapel of St. Francis from Assisi.

Near the village, remains of a fortress are well visible, although damaged by clay mining. They can be found above the Rokytná River, by the road between the river bridge and the railway, before the last secluded building of Lesůňky village towards Popovice village. The oldest record about the fortress probably refers to 1348. Its noticeable layout is covered in higher grass today, two thirds of which are bordered by tall trees. The heart of the fortress had a simple, almost squared shape with the dimensions of approx. 20 x 19 metres.

For free time activities, you can use a playing field in the village.