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The municipality of Kamenice is located near Jihlava town. The first record about Kamenice dates back to 1358. In the past, the village used to operate a hospital, a public bath, a mill with a fulling machine, a brickyard, a poorhouse and a brewery. It is interesting that the first water line was constructed as early as 1576. The water was led in wooden tubes into wooden fountains in the square. The town used to have the right to execute the capital punishment.

In the village, you can see interesting historical monuments. Above all, the parish Church of Jacob the Elder. The heart of the Church originates from the late 12th century. On the walls of the originally Romanesque nave, early medieval paintings have been preserved.

You can also see a Renaissance manorial fortress decorated with the rural letter pattern in the plastering and coats of arms above the entrance. In the square, the Chapel of St. Ann from the 1st half of the 18th century, a valuable baroque building of the parish office and stone fountains originating from the 2nd half of the 18th century are worth seeing. The fountains run during summer time.

Kamenice is the birthplace of the composer František Vincenc Kramář or the poet and physician Jakub from Kamenice, who in the Czech lands first executed an autopsy.