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Towns and villages on the track


The town of Jemnice is located southwest of Třebíč town at the altitude of 470 metres. The first record of Jemnice dates back to 1227. The town was founded on a high promontory above the Želetavka River probably as a mining settlement. The historical heart of the town is a municipal conservation area. The name of Jemnice is probably derived from the word "jamník" ("pit maker") which used to be another word for miners in old Czech language.

Jemnice has two precious monuments: a statue colloquially called "Stone Maiden" and the festival of St. Vitus called "Barchan" whose name is derived from "barchet", which means the fustian textile.

The landmark of the town is the Church of St. Stanislaus with a steeple. The church was founded in the mid-14th century. Interesting sights are a Renaissance manor, which is a conversion from a 16th century castle, a Romanesque cylindrical tower, the castle park, town square houses, the town wall from 1227, the Gothic Church of St. Vitus, the late-Gothic Church of St. Jacob, the tomb of Pallavicini and the Jewish cemetery being undoubtedly one of the oldest Jewish burial places in Moravia.

The town is crossed by many hiking trails and cycleways. For transport you can also use the railway station.