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Towns and villages on the track


The municipality of Dešná is approx. 7 kilometres distant from Jemnice town and 4 kilometres away from the Austrian border. It lies at the average altitude of 466 metres and it has seven town quarters.

The foundation of the village with German population and a strong Czech minority dates back to 1320. To the historical sights belong: the late-Gothic Church of St. John the Baptist built in 1494 with an entrance hall adapted in Renaissance style and a baroque side chapel and the baroque cemetery Chapel of St. Cross from 1739. In the village, numerous classicist vernacular brick houses with hipped roofs or 19th-century gables can be seen.

The near surroundings within the radius of 25 kilometres offer a number of interesting trips on foot along the marked hiking trails, on the bicycle along the official cycle ways or on horseback. Trips in a horse chaise are suitable mainly for middle-aged or elderly people. The target of the walks can be e.g. the Vranov reservoir, Bítov castle, the Renaissance town of Slavonice, the castle in Dačice town, Landštejn castle, the town of Jemnice, and on the Austrian side of the border, the towns of Drosendorf, Raabs a.d. Thaya or the castle in Karlstein a.d. Thaya.