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The municipality of Číhalín lies northwest of Třebíč town and 2.5 kilometres south of Červená Lhota village in a hollow under the Číhalín Hill. The name originates from the founder named Číhala, in former documents also mentioned as Šahalín or Šachalín. Číhalín is surrounded by beautiful countryside with numerous hiking trails. The environs have interesting flora and fauna and are a popular holiday resort with many holiday cottages. Although the village is very small, it offers the visitors a number of sports facilities. A universal playing field with asphalt surface can be used for several sports (tennis, foot tennis, volleyball). In the community centre, a tennis table is available and the centre hall can be used for playing foot tennis. There is a well equipped bodybuilding room in the upper floor of the community centre. Thanks to the vicinity of the river and the Hluboček Pond, the surroundings of Číhalín are an ideal place for fishing. Similarly, the environs of Číhalín are full of woods. The climate is favourable for various kinds of fungi. Therefore, the surrounding woods are often visited by mushroom pickers. Near the village, a crystalline-limestone quarry filled with water or the Hluboček Pond can be used for swimming.