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The municipality of Chlum located at the altitude of approx. 540 metres belongs to highly elevated villages of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

The landmark of the village is the early-baroque Church of Saint Wenceslas, which was founded by the Abbot of Třebíč around 1300. The precise foundation date of Chlum is not known, but the first written record about its existence dates back to 1341. At that time it belonged to the Monastery of Třebíč. In 1453, the monastery sold the village together with other villages to Catherine from Waldstein.

The surroundings of the municipality is characterised by countryside with many enchanting views on virgin nature abundant in wild animals and rare flora. In the vicinity of the village lead a cycle way and the blue hiking trail, on which a former mill at a secluded place called Pavlovce is located.

On hot summer days you can refresh yourself in the nearby swimming reservoir, northwest of the church, or in the local pub, which is part of the newly reconstructed community centre with adjacent tennis courts.