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The municipality of Bransouze is situated in a valley at the right bank of the Jihlava River at the altitude of 421 metres, 18 kilometres northwest of Třebíč town.

The history of the village undoubtedly dates back to 1234 when we first encounter its name – at that time in the form of Branechewess – in historical documents. The interesting and somewhat unusual local name is most likely derived from the personal name of Branek in the possessive form of Branče and the noun of “ves“ – which means “village“ – so the meaning of the whole name is Branek’s village. The present form of the name has been used since 1915.

To the historical sights belong ruins of a former fortress, i.e. a small castle with the diameter of 30 metres. The castle is located on the left bank of the Jihlava River. The castle compound is enclosed with a moat and earthwork. The fortress was destroyed in the 15th century. In the village you can see the historical house No. 10 from the early 18th century. The house has a stucco facade and is under state preservation of monuments. There is a swimming pool and a hostel with 60 beds and a refreshment stand on the left bank of the Jihlava River. The visitors can also use the nearby tennis court.

Besides the cycle route Jihlava – Třebíč – Raabs, there is also a red-marked hiking trail leading through the village. The Bransouze Hill approx. 2 kilometres away from Bransouze offers a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape from the altitude of 535 metres.