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The municipality of Bítovčice is situated in the southern part of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands at an elevation of 440 – 607 metres and 15 kilometres southeast of Jihlava. The surrounding landscape alongside Jihlava River and two brooks – Křenický Brook and Kamenický Brook – is very romantic. The name of the village itself first appeared in the form of Byetobczicz in 1360. At that time it was a settlement on the right bank. Its name was Ulička (Vliczka) – Alleyway, later Dolní Bítovčice. Remarkable in the village layout is undoubtedly the centrally laid chapel in pseudo style from 1915 in Horní Bítovčice as well as a number of dominant crosses in both parts of the village. However, due to its high visibility, the little worthless colour-print picture of the Holy Family on the rocky outcrop to the right of the road to Luka nad Jihlavou may be best known. The picture captures attention not only of passers-by, but also of train passengers on the railway track on the opposite side of the river. North of the municipality, a water reservoir and a nature reserve U Křemele, rocky outcrops with regional thermophytic and xerophytic flora and insects can be found.

In the village, a newly modernized football pitch and a universal playing field with artificial surface are used for sports activities. In the vicinity of the village, there are a holiday resort with beautiful countryside and lots of cycle ways.