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The municipality of Kojetice or Kojetice na Moravě (in Moravia) lies in a valley of the Rokytná River approx. 7 kilometres southwest of Třebíč town at the altitude of 480 metres. The founder of the village in the 12th century was named Kojat(a). The Sádek castle is said to have been also founded at the same time. Its existence is first evidenced in 1286. The former castle is a monument of national cultural heritage and it lies on a secluded cone-shaped hill at the altitude of 568 metres. Already in ancient times, an important trade path called Haberská path led across the nearby countryside. A wine-growing centre with the only vineyard in this region, a nature trail and a natural amphitheatre have been founded below the castle. Every year, the International Festival of Cymbal Music is held here.

Other sights are the warehouse architecture from the 1930’s at the railway station, a 250-year old linden at the Sádek castle, the Chapel of St. Wenceslas from 1933 and the bridge with barrel vault across the Rokytná River.

The village has a railway station on a line built in 1871. Two historical lever semaphores nearby are worth seeing.

In the village, there are a swimming pool and a tennis court, which are abundantly visited by tourists. A volleyball court is part of the facility.